I am nocturnal by habit and reclusive by choice. I have never possessed the slightest ambition to ‘better myself’ or ‘get on in life’, alarm calls , routine, hive-speak and small-talk are anathema to me , I abhor telephones , hypocrisy , and (most) authority figures , so I am therefore constitutionally and temperamentally unable to hold down a ‘proper job’. Consequently, on the few occasions when circumstances have compelled me to take an office based job, I have been fired within a few months, if not weeks, or even days, of my arrival.

Nowadays, my home is my ‘office’ and I work on a freelance basis for various publishers, artists, photographers, designers and record labels. I also edit and write texts for illustrated, ‘gift’ books and children’s books .

Virtually all of my free time is devoted to Facebook, and I spend innumerable hours each week foraging, excavating and rummaging around in some of the more obscure, murkier corners of the internet researching and looking for arcane and interesting material to post.

What do you think about museums?

Museums, libraries and other institutions are obviously having to evolve rapidly and astutely in order to adapt to the challenges of the digital age and some are evolving successfully, whilst others are floundering and failing miserably .

I would love to live in a society where Museums and education and library services are free and accessible to all, but I know this is a hopelessly quixotic and utopian ideal nowadays.

Whilst a part of me deplores the increased commercialisation and commodification of ‘Culture’ , I also acknowledge that these things are a necessary evil in today’s world if such vital institutions and services are to survive and attract and inspire future generations. I would, however, completely banish the dreaded ‘audio-guides’ from the face of the Earth.

Toi Gallery – Stephen Ellcock: The Facebook curator or the social media cabinet of wonders