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Marguerite : Le jour vient
Jeanne : Cet amour ?
Marguerite : L’amour.Jeanne Moreau avec Marguerite Duras

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Here Comes The Flood with Peter Gabriel (1979, Kate Bush Xmas TV Special)

Don’t be afraid to cry at what you see
The actors gone, there’s only you and me
And if we break before the dawn, they’ll
Use up what we used to be.
Peter Gabriel, Here Comes The Flood

It’s not easy being a Peter Gabriel fan in 2018. He hasn’t released an album of original tunes since 2002’s Up, even if he’s supposedly been picking away at a follow-up called I/O since 2005.Rolling Stone

When I wrote this song [Here Comes The Flood] I had an obsession with short-wave radio and I was always amazed at the way in which the radio signals would become stronger as daylight faded. I felt as if psychic energy levels would also increase in the night. I had had an apocalyptic dream in which the psychic barriers which normally prevent us from seeing into each others’ thoughts had been completely eroded producing a mental flood. Those that had been used to having their innermost thoughts exposed would handle this torrent and those inclined to concealment would drown in it. (‘Peter Gabriel’ by Armando Gallo, Omnibus Press, 1986.‘Peter Gabriel’ by Armando Gallo, Omnibus Press, 1986.

Dreißig Jahre nach dem Auftritt in Kate Bushs Weihnachtsspecial sieht Peter Gabriel übrigens aus wie Billy Joel. Ist aber besser in Form, stimmlich und besonders am Klavier. Derselbe Song nochmal. Zeitmaschine, Zeitmaschine, huiii!

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Paco de Lucía: Concierto de Aranjuez (1992)

Thank you for the music. Perfect ending for a long night of work.

22 Jahre später in Mexiko:

Paco was playing with his son Diego on the sand when he began to feel ill. He went to the hospital of Playa Del Carmen with his wife Gabriela. Juan was already waiting for them there, with fresh boquinetes in the car. Paco clung onto his arm and could barely speak. He still had the strength to cry out for a doctor, Juan said. Then he fainted. The work of resuscitation lasted nearly an hour, but the Master was gone. He was 66.How Paco de Lucía Died – Flamenco Australia Magazine

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